Augmented Reality – The Future Today?

Augmented reality sounds like such a futuristic concept, having virtual content placed onto your real-world experience, how cool! The more I learnt about it however, the more I realised it can come in all these different forms and not necessarily you hi fiving a hologram. Pokemon Go was huge, and that was augmented reality. Snapchat has capitalised on augmented reality, with the face filters still proving to be as popular as ever. Due to that success, the social media war is heating up again with the announcement of a new lenses feature for Snapchat (check the preview below!), and Facebook announcing its new use of augmented reality in similar camera features.

Whilst these features are cool, I can’t wait for the days when I can interact on a larger scale in my home. With some retail companies like Rayban already using augmented reality to allow customers to preview what their glasses would look like on their own faces, I think there is so much potential for digital marketing to thrive.

Imaging scanning around your bedroom or your living room, and seeing what they grey couch would look like, or that lamp on your bedside table. Seeing what potential clothing items would look like on you instead of hoping, praying, and potentially crying when you order online and have to send them back. I know that it may not take off due to the big headsets that you’d have to wear, but man I’m excited. There is just SO much potential, you could have a real estate agent walk you around an apartment you wanted to view….from the comfort of your own apartment. Well, that may take a little more work.

Would you guys get around augmented reality as a marketing tool? I’m sure most of you are already using Snapchat filters, would you keep supporting other companies as it develops?

snapchat filters
Image: Cosmopolitan


    • How awesome! I think a great benefit to it as well is that it’s so inventive, thinking about how many times Snapchat goes a step forward!
      When you were clothes shopping, could you see what the clothing looked like on you?


      • Yes, so what happens is you fill out your measurements and your virtual figure is created. You then choose clothes and they sit on the virtual figure how they would on you. It’s definitely a success in my eyes.


  1. I think I would. Not only Snapchat but Instagram just recently released their Snapgram filters. I think AR will not only for fun, but it will also help businesses and customers.


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