Snapchat, the new quick and easy job application?

By now, we know that the job application and interview process is changing continuously. From traditionally hand delivering a resume and a face to face interview, this process can now occur in a method from Skype or phone interviews, emailing through resumes, some applications don’t even ask for a resume anymore. With the digital world evolving, it seems fitting that the application process does too. After all, it demonstrates the candidate’s ability to be flexible and adaptive, as well as holding the technology skills that this modern era requires.

The important requirement is to understand which process is best for your business, and for the type of person you are trying to hire.


I’m sure many of you witnessed, maybe even played with like I did, the McDonalds Snapchat filter that was actually a job application for a day. A short, sweet and simple process. Put their filter over your Snap, therefore wearing their uniform hat and a badge, send a couple of snapchats explaining why you are a great candidate for the job to their Snapchat, and wallah! You have applied.

Is this taking job application’s too far? I don’t think so, well, not for McDonalds. McDonalds is known for hiring young people, what better way to convince them they want to work for their company then through the use of social media. As I didn’t use this process, I can’t be confident what the next steps were. But I’m sure there would be more of a formal interview process, I’d be hoping anyway! The use of Snapchat (and the advertisement through Instagram) to attract the type of workers they want to employ is a clever idea. The liklihood of this demographic coming across your hiring post on sites like Seek or Indeed? Probably not very high. The chances of them seeing your post on social media? Especially through the use of targeted advertising, extremely high.

Would this be appropriate for somebody applying to be a senior barrister? Uh, no. Not even slightly I don’t believe.

But am I being naïve in thinking that is may only be beneficial for young people applying for their first casual job? Do you believe that Snapchat and the like can be an effective way of job application? What other flaws or benefits can you see from it, let me know!



  1. I personally find snap chat very self indulgent and a less formal way of interacting. I guess it could be seen as a benefit in terms of being able to demonstrate skills rather than just talking about them in an interview. I like the concept of using social media in this way but I feel like snap chat is just maybe not the right fit.


    • I think Snapchat is battling hard to maintain it’s platform as a main social media tool. I think with Instagram and Facebook incorporating a lot of Snapchats features into their services, it’s making it increasingly difficult. However, currently Snapchat still have the advantage of allowing a user to choose who views their Snaps, as opposed to the other platforms which show your posts to everyone.
      I’m not entirely sure this form of job application will take off, let alone any other channels. The idea of a video application in general has been floating around for a while, but this short video only really allows the personality of the applicant come across. It would be interesting to see how McDonalds went using this platform, and whether they did find successful applicants through it.


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